The last 7 posts discussed how you can create a single-page application using GitHub, Twitter Bootstrap, MongoDB and Knockout.js.

One last thing I touched briefly during my session in September is continuous deployment using AppHarbor. If you are not familiar with AppHarbor, it’s basically .NET as a service where you can deploy a .NET application to the cloud.

In this tutorial let’s create a small web application, use GitHub for source control and automatically deploy any commits directly to our AppHarbor hosted site.

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Getting Started with GitHub

September 15, 2012


Been a couple of months since I got around to writing a new post for this blog…busy times. Just got back from a company team building event in Tunisia last weekend. During this event we held 6 sessions about various topics such as Web API (@JefClaes), Roslyn (@svenschelfaut), Solid…etc.

I gave a session about using various alternative technologies (read as: non Microsoft) to build a web application from scratch. These included:

So we’ve got everything from source control (GitHub), to layout (Bootstrap), database (MongoDB), client-side data binding / UI refreshes / … (Knockout) and deployment (AppHarbor).

Let’s discuss the first part in this article, namely GitHub. If you are already familiar with it, then you won’t learn anything new here. However if you are a Windows developer and have never used Git, this might be an easy way to get familiar with it.

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