Converting one development environment to another can be a painstaking process. You’ve got to take all the code that took months, years to write, test, tweak…etc. and rewrite it in another language. Hopefully after you are done the new code base will pass all of the testcases.

Wouldn’t it be handy if your new development environment provided a way so that you could utilize libraries, components written in the old language? This way you can leverage the power of these existing parts while you rewrite other parts of the application. As time goes by and releases are build you can phase out these parts.

Using the old libraries for certain aspects of the application, you can cut down on costs and development time. Management likes to see progress periodically, especially after you’ve decided to move to a new development environment. And you can gradually ease the transition for the development team as they acquire new skills while still utilizing their existing knowledge.

Let’s make a test case, showing you how to ease the transition from ColdFusion to .NET.

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